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    12 Way UF-20R 'All Racked Up' system complete with 12x JSS-20 Handheld Transmitters in 8U 19" Flightcase with 2U Rack Drawer

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Built to the usual rugged JTS quality standard, the UF-20 also features extremely low companding noise, cascadable power and antenna distribution and comes with an optional slide-in re-chargeable transmitter station.

The transmitter section is available as either the JSS-20 handheld transmitter or the UF-20TB beltback transmitter. Both are manufactured to the highest standards for professional use, featuring rugged aluminium alloy chassis. The JSS-20 features interchangeable capsule modules compatible with other microphone brands, if required. As standard it comes with the newly developed JTS SAM-8WLN capsule which delivers outstanding performance while minimising handling noise.

Further key features of the UF-20 include a maximum 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies across 60 to 75 MHz operation,  15 preset groups each of up to 63 compatible channels, user programmable 6 groups each of 64 channels, a free space scan function, Mute and Lo Battery alert at the receiver display. 

The JSS-20 comes fitted with JTS' newest development SAM-8WLN capsule that assures outstanding acousti performance while minimizing touch noise. The JSS-20 features an interchangable capsule design enabling the engineer or performer to place their favoured capsule choice in the JSS-20 transmitter body, allowing for a truly unique and personal sound.

The JSS-20 is also rechargeable with the CH-2 and CH-8 wireless charging stations. It is designed with a slot-in charging feature with two AA NiMH rechargable batteries (not included).

A sliding cover design is applied to prevent the user or performer from touching the setting keys unintentionally, it also hides away the options to change these settings.

- 6x JTS UF-20R Receivers
- 12x JTS JSS-20 Handheld Transmitters
- 1x 6U Rack Case
- 1x 2U Rack Drawer

  • UHF True diversity technology renders 200-480 meters of operation distance
  • Maximum 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies across 60 to 75 MHz
  • Preset 15 groups each of up to 63 compatible channels
  • User programmable 6 groups each of 64 channels
  • Free space scan function
  • JTS Patented obstacle-free RF function synchronizes a transmitter by pushing a button
  • JTS LCX circuit design technology minimizes Companding noise
  • REMOSET - This now not only sends the frequency data but also the transmitter’s RF power, sensitivity, low cut, key lock and user's name.
  • RF “NO SIGNAL” alert function.
  • AF “MUTE” alert function.
  • Transmitter “LOW BATTERY” alert function.
  • Built in equalizer
  • Power / Antenna cascading output provided.
    • 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies
    • Preset 15 groups each of up to 63 compatible channels
    • Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tune
    • Adjustable transmission power between Low and High
    • Low cut function.
    • JTS newest development SAM-8WLN capsule assures outstanding acoustic performance while minimizes touching noise.
    • Interchangeable capsule design for various choices including some classic capsule modules.
    • It is designed with slot-in charging feature with two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.
Frequency Range:: 606-681MHz
Diversity Wireless: True Diversity
Bandwidth: 75Mhz Super wideband
RF In / Outs: BNC - 2x Inputs / 2x Outputs
Power In / Out: IEC In + Thru
Preset Channels / Group: * From group 1 ~ 15 up to 63 interference-free compatible channels. * 690 preset channels / group and 3000 selectable frequencies across 60 to 75 Hz Bandwidth. * User programmable from U1 ~ U6 each of 64 channels reserved.
Frequency Response: 50Hz ~ 18kHz, with high-pass filter
Squelch: Pilot Tone & Noise Mute
Output Connectors (per receiver): 2x Balanced XLR Sockets, 2x 6.3mm Unbalanced Jacks
Frequency Preparation: PLL Synthesized Control
Sensitivity: 6dBμV, at S / N> 80dB